Watch Saanich police’s hilarious video asking teens to reject the ‘Tide pod challenge’


WATCH: Saanich police posted a hilarious video warning teenagers about the dangers of eating detergent pods.

When you want to get a message to teens, sometimes you need great music, memes and the “Backpack Kid” dance.

On Wednesday, Saanich police posted a video to YouTube warning teenagers to reject the ‘Tide pod challenge.’ The recent trend on social media has kids and teenagers biting into brightly coloured liquid laundry detergent packets. Many experts have warned against the dangers of ingesting the detergent.

Instead of explaining why people shouldn’t bite into detergent pods, Const. Adam Defrane and Const. Jeff Kreczmer decided to take a different approach in the video called “What To Eat, What Not To Eat.’

The two go through some safe foods to eat, like a sandwich, and other items that should never be consumed, including a Nintendo gaming system and a candle.

Adam seems to be an avid music fan as he dances to Katy Perry’s ?Swish Swish? and pours water over himself to the classic “Take My Breath Away.”

The two officers explain why it’s a bad idea to take the challenge toward the end of the video and even promote their own hashtag #NoPodInYourBod.

Saanich police made the video on Tuesday. It took about 45 minutes to film and 40 minutes to put together.



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