WATCH: A quack (not a honk) from VicPD helps flock of geese out of harm’s way near Johnson Street Bridge

Katie Bernardo
Watch A quack (not a honk) from VicPD helps flock of geese out of harm's way near Johnson Street Bridge

What’s the best way to get a flock of geese away from a busy intersection?

You might say a loud honk, but it turns out a quack is pretty effective too.

Katie Bernardo caught the whole thing on camera Sunday evening on corner of Esquimalt Road and Harbour Road.

She says she was on the pedestrian walkway on the west side of the Johnson Street Bridge around 8 p.m. and noticed the geese blocking traffic, a “Canadian roadblock” she called it.

That’s when she says she saw the VicPD car arrive with its lights flashing to try to usher the flock off the road.

The officer gives the birds short blast of the siren, and then can be distinctly heard “quacking” like a duck through the car’s loudspeaker.

Geese may be honkers, not quackers, but it appears to do the trick as the flock makes it up onto the sidewalk and out of traffic.

Job done, the squad car also leaves the scene.


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