Warmest days of 2018 arrive this week on Vancouver Island

Warmest days of 2018 arrive this week on Vancouver Island

WATCH: After a long, wet, cool start to spring, temperatures are soaring this week and shaking off the cobwebs of winter in a hurry. It’s forecast to hit a remarkable 26 degrees Celsius in Port Alberni by Thursday and Islanders are eager to get out in it.

As spring comes to life this week with a flourish of sunshine and warm temperatures, Don Wyting is soaking it all in.

“It’s beautiful. I don’t know of anyplace I’d rather be,” he said on his Nanaimo sheep farm.

The 78-year-old Nanaimo farmer and his wife are now enjoying all that goes with the start of another growing season.

“I am thankful for the vitamin D,” said Deborah Wyting. “We need the sunshine.”

Their small farm is one of the last holdouts in the City of Nanaimo as development moves in around them. Yet after 38 years farming their land, they know their days are limited.

“I don’t know. We are subject to moving any time I suppose,” he said.

Though days like those forecast this week will make that an even harder decision.

Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures up to 20 C in Victoria Thursday, 21 C in Nanaimo, the Comox Valley and Campbell River and 26 C in Port Alberni.

It’s great,” said Tibor Jando, as he headed out fishing on Westwood Lake Monday. “It’s wonderful, actually. I was waiting for this. It was very cold and windy and this is just fabulous.”

“Makes all the difference doesn’t it,” said Bruce Dryden while picking out plants at Nanaimo’s Klein Nurseries. “Feel rejuvenated, everyone’s in a good mood.”

“Yeah it affects [us],” said Klein Nurseries’ Catherine Nol. “The weather affects our business greatly. We’re weather related for sure.”

It’s something Don Wyting knows very well after nearly four decades of weathering the seasons on his Nanaimo farm and now deciding how many more he might have in him.

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