Victoria’s police chief issues ticket after driver flicks lit cigarette out window

Victoria's police chief issues ticket after driver flicks lit cigarette out window
A driver was issued a ticket by Victoria's police chief, after throwing a lit cigarette out their window

A driver was already having a bad Saturday after being pulled over, but little did he know Victoria’s top cop would come to his window.

Making things worse Victoria’s police chief, Del Manak, wrote the driver up a $575 ticket for flicking a lit cigarette out their window in front of him on the highway.

The ticket was issued in Saanich on Quadra Street, for violating the Wildfire Act.

He posted the incident to Twitter, saying that the driver replied that he “Didn’t want my car to burn” as he gestured over to his cup holder.

Manak says he responded by telling him to then not smoke in his car.

This is not the first time Manak has issued a ticket for the offence. Back in September he fined another driver for the same reason.

“Can you believe people are still throwing lit cigarettes out their car window?,” he posted back in 2018.

The driver allegedly told him that he would “Never do it near grass,” but he says the excuse didn’t work.

The offence comes as the wildfire risk in B.C. and other provinces soars following hot temperatures.

A video was even posted by John Horgan, where he warns the public to be careful with cigarettes.

Though his duties may require more time in his office, Manak has also issued fines for other offences he has come across.

In January  he posted about issuing a $196 fine for speeding, after a car that was cutting in and out of traffic lost control in front of him and went onto a grass median.

“He wasn’t injured other than his pride,” he posted.

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