Greater Victoria’s last remaining strip club closes its doors

Greater Victoria's last remaining strip club closes its doors
The Fox Showroom's sign announces the closure.

Greater Victoria’s last remaining strip club, The Fox Showroom Pub, has announced it will immediately close.

In a Facebook post published to the company’s Facebook page on Monday, The Fox Showroom Pub announced its permanent closure.

The post mentioned “reasons beyond our control” led to the closure but did not go into greater detail.

“The Fox” as it was commonly known, operated with nude and semi-nude entertainment at the Red Lion Inn and Suites since 1987, with a closure between 2001-2003 stemming from a fire in the upper-level Diego’s Lounge.

In a second post published on Tuesday, the company thanked the club’s dancers and talked about the “morals” the club tried to instill in them.

“No one has to touch you,” the post read. “If someone says otherwise, they are wrong. It’s a tough world all over, but it isn’t over.”

The post also chastised the club’s detractors, saying “to those who frowned upon our business, open your mind and lighten the f**k up! We did a lot of good and helped out a lot of people. Hopefully you’ve done something of merit. If not then it’s time to start.”

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