Victoria police warn the public after sexual assault in Beacon Hill Park


WATCH: Victoria police are warning the public after a woman was sexually assaulted in Beacon Hill Park early Sunday morning. They say while it’s too early to tell for sure, they may be linked to a string of indecent exposure reports in the region last week. Kori Sidaway reports.

Police are investigating a reported sexual assault of a woman in Beacon Hill Park early Sunday morning in Victoria.

Investigators say the victim was walking home when she stopped in the park, adding “she became briefly unconscious” near the intersection of Douglas and Superior Street.

Shortly after that, officers were told she woke up to find an unknown male touching her sometime between 2:20 a.m. and 3:10 a.m.

Police say she left the area and called a family member and authorities were called.

But the incident has police concerned. Last week, police responded to a string of reports of a man exposing himself on the Galloping Goose Trail, and again in Beacon Hill, and has police worried.

“There are two things that we’re concerned about here. One, the frequency these are occurring at all. And two, that these are occurring in these areas at all,” said Victoria Police’s Bowen Osoko.

Police say the suspect in those two incidents has very similar traits. The suspect is described as a Caucasian male between 40 and 50, 6’0″, slim build, blue eyes with long brown hair in a ponytail.

The Sunday morning Beacon Hill Park sexual assault suspect is described as a Caucasian man in his 40’s, 5’5”, medium build, full, dark beard. But police there could be a possible link because of sheer proximity.

“It raises the alarm bells, and if the suspects are similar, we become worried that this could happen again,” said Osoko.

For women living in the area, having this happen so close to home is unnerving.

“I don’t really feel comfortable sitting here anymore, which is uncomfortable and I don’t feel good about it, as a young woman myself. It’s said,” said one woman running by. 

“I’m getting more concerned as a parent, you don’t want to let your kid run freely in the park anymore, and it’s sad because it’s such a beautiful place to come to,” said a young Mother.

Police and those who work with sexual assault victims say sexual assault cases go largely under-reported. Both agree education is key. 

“You need to have consent, and if someone is passed out on a bench, there’s no consent,” said Linda Amy, director of operations for Victoria’s Sexual Assault Centre.

For now, police are asking any witnesses to come forward, and those who may recognize the suspects from the descriptions is asked to call Victoria Police or anonymously through CrimeStoppers.

The area where Victoria police are investigating a sexual assault early Sunday morning in Beacon Hill Park.

The area where Victoria police are investigating a sexual assault early Sunday morning in Beacon Hill Park.


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