Victoria to receive $4.7 million from province to address homelessness

Victoria to receive $4.7 million from province to address homelessness
Nicholas Pescod/CHEK News

The City of Victoria will be receiving funding to address the impacts of homelessness through various projects.

In an announcement Thursday, the province said Victoria will be receiving $4.7 million through the Strengthening Communities’ Services Program. The city says the funding will be used to address homelessness impacts as it recovers from the pandemic.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said in a statement Thursday, the funding will be used in various projects and partnerships.

The projects will include:

  • Partnership with Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness to hire and train peer-support workers to transfer unsheltered indoors.
  • Partnership with the Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness to support a registered clinical nurse, street nurse, youth outreach worker and traditional Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Partnership with the Burnside George Neighbourhood Association and create three pilot projects to build relationships between housed and unhoused.
  • Partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association to pilot a Peer Associated Crisis Team
  • Additional funding will be used for bylaw officers and police.

Helps says the projects will help Victoria become a stronger community in the future.

“Communities across our Province have been hard hit by the pandemic and Victoria is certainly no different,” said Helps. “This funding will enable the City to continue to provide support for our vulnerable residents, as well as to the wider community and to create a more resilient community for the future.”

The Strengthening Communities’ Services Program is a $100 million grant program and has contributed to other projects in the province and on the island.

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