Victoria man’s flag of flowers planted as tribute to Ukraine now up for grabs

Victoria man's flag of flowers planted as tribute to Ukraine now up for grabs

A Victoria man who set out to create the world’s largest flag made of flowers may not have achieved his initial goal, but says the project has blossomed love in the community.

Fernwood’s Sahasi Erven launched the project as a tribute to Ukraine amid a violent Russian invasion to “send a message of love and peace.”

“The inner message in my heart was make the flag, make the world’s biggest flag. Try and inspire people, try to do something wonderful,” Erven told CHEK News earlier this month.

Erven called on other gardeners to contribute flowers to help the flag grow in size.

While he had hoped for up to 100,000 pots, the flag ended up containing about 7,000 annuals — but Erven said though it’s not the biggest, it still might be the world’s “loveliest” tribute.

And now he wants to share that love.

The 300-square-foot flag has been on display at the Beacon Hill Park playing field since July 15 and can remain there until Friday, at which point Erven is asking any local residents, municipalities or parks who want flowers to come pick some up.

“The flag of flowers is a flag of love,” said Erven. “Please help spread the love these flowers represent.”

Anyone who wants to use Erven’s arrangement to make their own version of a Ukrainian flag in their garden is encouraged to do so.

Courtesy Sahasi Erven


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