Victoria Foundation’s Rapid Relief Fund helps local charities stay afloat amid pandemic

WatchThe Victoria Foundation's Rapid Relief Fund has helped keep local charities up and running through these hard times. Here's a look at what the money is being used for. 

The Victoria Foundations’ Rapid Relief Fund is helping communities continue to support people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This was the Victoria Foundation responding with other people in the community that really wanted to do something right away, recognizing the challenges that we would have in the charitable sector.” said Victoria Foundation CEO Sandra Richardson.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, the fund has been surpassing the original goals. And now those donations are going where they are most needed.

The Mustard Seed food bank has just received a $200,000 grant at a time when the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has left many scrambling to cover costs.

“We’d be in a lot of trouble. There’s quite an increased demand with regards to the need for food and also other assistance with lots of people being laid off, lots of families with kids at home increases the need. So without this extra funding, we’d be quite stretched.” said Mustard Seed spokesperson Duncan Chalmers.

The Victoria Cool Aid Society received $150,000 to help continue its services. With the increased funding, the society is now able to assist clients who are sick, while keeping them in their homes.

“We have a great process in place for some of our outreach workers to do grocery shopping for clients using the gift cards and safely delivering them to clients who are unable to get out of the house.” said long-time nurse at the Cool Aid Society Anne Drost.

Several other organizations have received funding. It’s helping with maintaining health protocols, purchasing safety supply supplies such as N95 face masks, hand sanitizer and protective gloves, overall financial support, housing and shelter, and much more.

The foundation’s goal of reaching $4 million in donations is looking well within reach. As of now over $3.8 million has been brought in. For those looking to donate or for organizations looking for funding, they can find more information at

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