Victoria couple helps bring smiles to the kids at Jeneece Place

Victoria couple helps bring smiles to the kids at Jeneece Place
WatchIt was rusty, broken and had definitely seen better days, but thanks to a Victoria couple, a 1950’s era pedal car got the tune up it sorely needed and is now pedaling smiles to those who need it most

It’s the night before Christmas, this vintage pedal car sits under the tree at Jeneece place, a home where families stay while their kids are being treated at Victoria General Hospital. But the car, now 67-years-old has taken a unique route to reach it’s ultimate destination.

Adrian D’Silva and his wife Tracey have been restoring similar cars, selling them, and donating the money to Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, and their work has not gone unnoticed.

“We were in the paper a couple of times and so a fellow named Don Bernadin saw that and donated a car to us to fix up and sell and then give the money to Jeneece Place,” said D’Silva

That car was given to Don Bernadin on Christmas day 1952, it was then passed down through generations before returning back to it’s original owner around 20 years ago. It had undergone too much wear and tear for the D’Silvas to sell, so they decided to donate it to Jeneece place.

“We’ve been here eight years I think, doing the lights and so we get to talk to people about how much the lights mean and gifts mean and just making Christmas just a little bit better,” said Tracey D’Silva.

And the car has been a hit with the kids. “I wish I could show you eyes that open and then just get really big because that’s a lot of what it is it’s WOW. It’s fun to watch their, their real surprise and excitement,” said Christina Peacock, House Manager of Jeneece Place.

The car has been filled with hot wheels and other toys for the kids to grab, and while the pedals on the car no longer work, it’s clear that the refurnished treasure will be a hit for years to come.




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