Victoria cats holding blender hostage thwarted by Vitamix

Victoria cats holding blender hostage thwarted by Vitamix
Carly Tomblin
After their three cats held their new blender hostage for 46 days, Nikii and Jessica Gerson-Neeves received a second blender in the mail from Vitamix.

When Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves’s new Vitamix blender arrived, they didn’t anticipate it being 46 days until they were able to use it.

But when the blender arrived on Dec. 16, their cats held it hostage.

Their three cats – Max, George “Destroyer of Worlds”, and Lando Calrissian are each taking turns sitting on the box the blender came in so the couple has not had any luck accessing their blender.

Then, Vitamix came to the rescue.

The company sent the couple a second blender so that they could start using a blender, while also continuing to not disturb the cats from their perch.

In a post on Facebook, the pair celebrated receiving their new blender and documented the dramatic opening of the box.

While holding a broom to fend off another hostage-taking situation, they opened the first box, then to their surprise, there was a second slightly smaller box inside of the box.

A woman holding an open box with another box inside it. A second woman looks dismayed.

So then they opened the second box and celebrated as there was a blender.

Two women celebrating holding an open box with a blender inside it.

They then showed the new blender to one of their cats, who seemed uninterested in the non-boxed blender.

A woman holding a blender jug up to a cat, sitting on a blender box, the cat seems uninterested.

When CHEK spoke with the couple earlier this month, Jessica said she didn’t mind waiting.

“We don’t mind being patient, because the blender will still be there,” said Jessica on Jan. 13. “Joy is a lot harder to find these days than a blender.”

In a follow-up post after receiving the new blender, the women posted that they have already blended their first item – celebratory margaritas.

The couple says if the cats ever let them get to the original blender, Vitamix has asked them to make sure it finds a good home.

They plan to give it to a friend who’s blender recently stopped working.

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Photos in this story credited to Carly Tomblin.

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