Victims of Duncan rock attacks worry suspect won’t stop

Victims of Duncan rock attacks worry suspect won't stop

A disturbing rash of attacks on pedestrians in Duncan has RCMP looking for someone playing a violent game there.

 Two people have now come forward describing similar attacks and bearing painful injuries after being hit with rocks this week.

 Gary Cornhill is still in pain from Monday night’s attack on Duncan’s Sherman Road that he never saw coming.

“I was heading home just strolling home after a visit with my sister,” recalls the Duncan man. “Car came down the hill I didn’t even see it coming. And I guess targetted me, threw a boulder at me and caught me right in the back.”

The impact brought the 67-year-old to his knees, hitting him just above his kidneys and prevented him from getting a description of the vehicle he heard two men laughing in as it sped away.

“And I screamed at ’em why would you do that and they just laughed,” says Cornhill.

RCMP are taking it very seriously.

“The one thing to remember is that it was random so that could have been anyone walking their dog, a family, a child,” says Cst. Amron Russell/North Cowichan/Duncan RCMPIn this case it was a 67 year old man and we need the public’s help to determine who might have been driving that vehicle.

It is one of at least two attacks in as many days on pedestrians in Duncan, leaving those on the sidewalks on edge.

“It’s kind of scary to walk home now,” says Annie Legris. 
Because the 22-year-old knows what can happen.

The back of Annie Legris’ leg shows where she was hit from behind while walking on Trunk Road at 8:30 pm Sunday night. But she did see the vehicle.

“It was a black 4 door sedan car, with tinted black windows,” says Legris.

The rock that hit her looks just like the one thrown at Cornhill.

“If it doesn’t get stopped it will probably keep happening and that’s really crappy,” says Legris.

“Throw a rock that size from three or four feet away doing 60, 70 kilometres an hour. Very dangerous,” says Cornhill.

Both victims count themselves fortunate, the rocks only hit them where they did.

“You know this could have been potentially fatal,” says Cst. Russell. “The size of the rock is potentially baseball sized so if you factor that in with the speed of a vehicle that’s a significant injury.”

So RCMP are now rushing to find the people behind this, before another person is hit.

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