VicPD cracking down on noisy vehicles with $109 fines

VicPD cracking down on noisy vehicles with $109 fines
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A decibel meter used to measure the noise volume of vehicles.

For car, truck or motorcycle enthusiasts who like to make themselves known on the roads, consider this a final warning from Victoria Police.

VicPD officers will be cracking down on excessively noisy vehicles starting this weekend.

“Due to COVID things got really quiet and then when noise got reintroduced all over the province the complaints around noisy vehicles came flooding in.” Says Constable Stephen Pannekoek with Victoria Police Traffic Section.

For some in the city, this is really hitting the right tone.

“I’m glad they’re doing it, but they should really give out heavier fines,” says Victoria resident, Wanda. “If they’ve got a noisy car, seize the car, take their drivers licenses away.”

Some think it’s going too far, however, suggesting it’s “way too stressful” and that the police should leave them and their cars alone.

Today at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, drivers were invited to stop by and have their vehicles inspected with a decibel meter by VicPD.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, anything above 83 decibels for passenger vehicles is illegal, and for motorcycles, it’s 91.

After doing some research, Const. Pannekoek found being exposed to any noise higher than 85 decibels long-term can actually cause permanent hearing damage.

So, how will officers determine what’s considered too loud on the road? It will come down to their observations and police say they can write a ticket on the spot or order a vehicle to be inspected.

Victoria Police say the cost to drivers for breaking the sound barrier will be a $109 ticket.

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