Vancouver Island’s first cannabis tour company opening on 4/20

Vancouver Island's first cannabis tour company opening on 4/20

A Saanich man has high hopes for his new tour guide company in which customers are encouraged to consume cannabis before exploring popular sites on the Island.

Victoria Cannabis Tours will be open for business starting April 20, and Owner Graham Meckling says he’s trying to attract tourists and locals.

“I feel like this is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the city,” said Meckling.

The cost of each tour is $165 per person and lasts just under two hours. The company does not purchase products for customers nor does it allow them to consume it in the vehicle. Instead, the first stop is always at a dispensary where customers can buy their own products.

Afterwards, customers are taken to an undisclosed location to consume the products before being given an hour to explore some popular tourist spots around the city.

“I know if I wanna go on a pub tour, I don’t want to go in the back and learn how they make the beer. I just want to enjoy it and this is sort of the same idea,” said Meckling.

It took over a year for the entrepreneur to get his business off the ground. He has been awarded licenses to operate in Victoria and Saanich. Meckling has owned several businesses, including restaurants, wine businesses, and a scotch company. He most notably almost opened up “Victoria Wonderland,” an immersive drive-through experience that fell flat and was later cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“Customer service is what I love the most and I think when you can combine your love of customer service with a really positive event, then for me — there’s nothing better,” said the owner.

There are three packages currently available for purchase ranging from exploring oceans, mountains, beaches, and “Instagram hopping.”

“One of the great ways to do it is just [doing an] Instagram hopping tour where we just quickly hop from spot to spot and get all your awesome pics in,” said Meckling.

Every package however guarantees a visit to some popular spots such as Fan Tan Alley, The Empress Hotel, and the Legislative Assembly.

Meckling’s other goal with this business is changing the way people view cannabis.

“There’s also a stigma around cannabis as it being dirty or cheap or stinky. I think that people know that’s not it anymore so I want to be able to offer and showcase a way to enjoy your cannabis that’s not that way,” said Meckling.

Customers are given a swag bag filled with snacks and water to take during the tour. Some businesses have already partnered with Victoria Cannabis Tours.

Meckling is currently running the show himself but is planning to expand.

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