Vancouver Island’s fall colours rivalling views in Ontario

Vancouver Island's fall colours rivalling views in Ontario

WATCH: The fall colours on Vancouver Island are now in full bloom, and this year, rivalling Ontario’s. Calvin To reports.

Vancouver Island’s fall colours are now on full display.

In Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park, many people have been taking in the views.

Gordon MacKay and Sonya McCracken, who were visiting from Nanaimo this week, said the autumn colours rivalled those in Ontario.

“The different colours that we’re getting out here now, it’s just making it seem like the falls they get back east. It’s really nice. I don’t have to necessarily travel 3,500 miles to see the red leaves,” MacKay said.

“It’s very much an Ontario fall. Just the temperature, the colour… the reds and the oranges, it’s very much like in Ontario,” McCracken said.

Turns out, when it comes to colour, Vancouver Island is actually rivalling parts of Ontario.

S.C. Thomas, a forestry professor at the University of Toronto, says leaves change colour in the fall when they’re exposed to cold temperatures combined with lots of sunlight.

In southwestern Ontario, many are expecting drab views this season due to a warm fall along with overcast skies.

“[The leaves] haven’t received the signal to produce the photoprotective pigments, but that’s in part because they don’t really need them as much,” Thomas said.


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