Vancouver Island spherical treehouses get international attention

Vancouver Island spherical treehouses get international attention

When your hotel business offers rooms high up in the trees, you are bound to get the attention that goes well beyond Vancouver Island.

Free Spirit Spheres of Qualicum Beach, the first manufacturer of spherical treehouses in the world, is mentioned by “Insider” on a list of 10 places to stay for people who want to try something other than an ordinary hotel.

Insider is an international online magazine that says it is “about all the adventures life has to offer.”

Depending on the size of the trees, a sphere can be slung up to 100-feet off the ground.

Other venturesome hotels include staying in a bubble in France, a hotel made of crystals in Spain, a room hanging from a crane in the Netherlands or you could wake up on the side of a cliff in Peru.

The Island treehouse resort is one of two Canadian locations on the list along with the HĂ´tel De Glace in Quebec, featuring accommodations made entirely of ice.

Andy NealAndy Neal

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