Vancouver Island fundraising icon smiles big thanks to community support

Vancouver Island fundraising icon smiles big thanks to community support

Vancouver Island fundraising icon Frankie Edroff is showing off a new set of teeth thanks in large part to support from the community.

In May, CHEK News reported the 29-year-old had to have all of his teeth removed to save his health.

Edroff suffered from medical challenges due to a medical disorder, and the harsh medications he takes were causing his teeth to basically crumble, making him even sicker.

“I had meningitis in 2019 due to the teeth and I had a blood infection two years ago due to my teeth,” Edroff said in May.

Doctors told him the procedure to remove his teeth and fit him with screw-in denture implants would cost about $30,000.

Unsure how to pay, Edroff, who previously raised more than $1 million for others, asked the community for help.

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The family’s GoFundMe page raised more than $13,000, which ended up being enough to pay for the surgery and regular dentures.

In June, all of Edroff’s teeth were removed and he was fitted with the dentures, bringing back his smile.

“It’s amazing to see them in the mirror,” Edroff said Monday. “I’m still getting used to them because, after two months of seeing no teeth, your brain gets used to it. So it’s trying to get used to seeing teeth again, but it’s really great.”

He said he’s had to really get used to the dentures, having to re-learn how to speak, eat and drink with them.

He added he’s starting to slowly regain the confidence he lost before the surgery due to the condition of his teeth, saying it’s a mental thing.

“To see really straight white teeth for the first time ever after getting used to no teeth is [mind-blowing], but it’s making my life a lot better,” Edroff added.

He said the procedure has also improved his overall health, as he’s not getting as many infections.

Angie Edroff, Frankie’s mother, has noticed a huge improvement in Frankie’s mood since getting the dentures.

“The smile is wonderful. There’s a difference in his behaviour. He was quite closed off once the teeth were removed,” Angie said.

Edroff may need another procedure in the future to put screw implants into his dentures if they don’t stay in place.

The family said they still have some money from the GoFundMe to cover that.

Edroff and his family are eternally grateful for all the community’s help during this time, as the support has been life-changing.

“It’s brought me back to life in a sense,” Edroff said.

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