Multiple grass fires near Qualicum Beach add to island wildfire concerns


Officials say multiple fires were ignited within minutes of each other near the Qualicum Beach exit, along the Inland Island Highway on Aug.12 around 4 p.m. Sunday.

Drivers stopped and attempted to put out the fires before fire crews arrived moments later, to ensure they were fully extinguished.

The cause of the fires is still unknown.

This grass fire takes place amid major wildfire concerns across the province. Further up island is where fire crews are still working to contain an 81-hectare wildfire near Kaikash Creek, 25 kilometers south east of Telegraph Cove.

The fire is reported to be 20 per cent contained.

Thirty firefighters are currently o site, and are being assisted with one helicopter. Recent precipitation in the area did aid containment efforts.

The Coastal Fire Centre is reminding the public to be aware of continuing dangers.

“We did see some rain last night, the open fire prohibition has not been lifted today, so campfires are still restricted, they are going to assess that tomorrow morning,” said Nicole Gagnon, a spokesperson with the Coastal Fire Centre.

Scorched ground marks one of multiple grass fires close to the highway near the Qualicum Beach exit.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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