Unconfirmed cougar sighting reported near Oak Bay elementary school

Unconfirmed cougar sighting reported near Oak Bay elementary school
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A cougar is pictured in this file photo.

Police and conservation officers have been notified of a potential cougar sighting in Oak Bay early Friday morning.

Oak Bay Police says officers received a report of a cougar sighting shortly before 5 a.m. along Shady Lane, near Glenlyon Norfolk School Junior School.

Police say the sighting was not confirmed and officers patrolled the area but did not see any large cat at the time.

The BC Conservation Officer Service also says the sighting is unconfirmed.

It received a report that the cougar was about the size of a medium dog, and it was seen from a distance of about 150 metres away.

In a social media post around 11 a.m., Oak Bay Police said there had been no other reported sightings.

Cougar safety

If you do spot a cougar, WildSafeBC says you should remain calm and never run away.

Try to make yourself look as big as possible and slowly back away, but always keep the cat in sight and do not turn your back on it.

Children and small animals should be picked up to prevent them from running.

If a cougar does seem aggressive, you should yell at it, maintain eye contact, and be prepared to use anything nearby as a weapon, such as a rock or stick.

If a cougar poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety, the public is asked to report it to the conservation officer service by calling 1-877-952-7277.

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