Tofino Resort staff walked out to protest ‘highly inappropriate behaviour’

Tofino Resort staff walked out to protest 'highly inappropriate behaviour'
Musicians scheduled to play at Tofino Resort instead put on a show at a separate venue Monday in solidarity with workers who walked out.

Tofino Resort and Marina was quiet Thursday on what was supposed to be a busy week of concerts and a friendly fishing competition.

That’s all cancelled after what the resort calls ‘highly inappropriate behaviour’ took place over the weekend.

“At first it was great energy and everyone was excited for Race for the Blue and the music,” said Kady Savard, who was one of the last performers at the event Sunday night.

Savard says everything “felt good” until her second set when the mood shifted and things became rowdier.

When her set ended, Savard said she went outside to cool down. She was sitting with someone who works at Tofino Resort when they were interrupted by another employee.

“Employee two says to employee one, [someone] is acting up, that he was making out blatantly on the dance floor. And at first I thought like, ‘oh no, married dude is getting busted making out in public.’ Then I heard it was with a staff member. Then it escalated to him being in the bathroom with this person. Then employee three came along and said this isn’t a good look, you gotta get out of the bathroom,” said Savard.

“Then the way he handled things with that employee was at such an inappropriate level, that that employee was ready to quit.”

Musicians scheduled to play at the event say they arrived at the resort only to find there was no staff.

“They had to cancel the event because no employees showed up for work,” Max Fowler, part of the Loney Ducks who were also hired to play Monday night.

Sarah Osborne a Victoria-based musician scheduled to play Monday, drove five hours to Tofino to find her gig had been cancelled.

A note allegedly written by employees was photographed by another musician Michael Wilford.

“We don’t tolerate sexual or any form of harassment in the workplace or any place,” the note read. Wilford posted his support.

Instead of their scheduled gigs, some musicians put on a show at a separate venue in solidarity with the workers.

“He arranged a way for us to do a pop-up show and donate the proceeds to all the Tofino Resort employees who could not work,” said Fowler.

For Tofino residents, they say this may not have been the first time something like this has happened.

“From the talk of the town, some people are acting like it’s not a surprise,” said Fowler.

“There was definitely this energy of like it’s not the first time and Tofino’s kind of sick of the bullshit of one person who thinks they’re above having consequences,” said Savard.

So far no charges have been laid in connection to any of these allegations.

BC RCMP continues to say they’re unable to confirm or deny an investigation. None of these allegations have been proven in court.

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