Renters kicked off RV park, less than one hour after setting up

Renters kicked off RV park, less than one hour after setting up

WATCH: Less than an hour after couple settled onto Beachcomber RV Park, they were evicted. Isabelle Raghem reports. 

UPDATE: The couple says fearing for their safety, they have hired a towing company to move their house Saturday night. 

Recently moving out of their Mill Bay property, Robin and Jenn Sheffield were excited to finally call this tiny house home.

“Being the rental crisis and prices what they are, and rental being the situation we thought this gives us financial independence,” says Jenn Sheffield. 

The couple booked a spot at the Beachcomber RV park back in March with plans stay the summer until they could find a permanent location.

They say they told the property manager of their tiny house prior to moving and had been giving the okay, but less than an hour after settling in, they were told to leave.

“I thought we must have to move to a different spot or take the deck off, we’ll do whatever you need and he said no you have to leave,” says Jenn Sheffield. 

They contacted the Municipality of Central Saanich to see if they had done nothing wrong, checking all the requirements and confirming their home is classified as an RV.

They insisted the property manager tell them why they had to go.

“I said I would like the reason from the owner why we are being evicted, in writing, and she said nobody wants you here so get the *swear* out”

So we tried getting both sides of the story, asking the property manager the reason why they were being kicked out.

“Because we don’t want them, it’s private, do you understand private?” Beachcomber RV Park property manager. 


The couple says a bylaw officer is expected to stop by the property Monday to check their lot, but say they feel they have no choice but to leave after the treatment they have received.

Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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