‘Thrilled beyond belief’: Saanich firefighters make a special visit at child’s lemonade stand

'Thrilled beyond belief': Saanich firefighters make a special visit at child's lemonade stand
Photo: Jason Smith
Saanich firefighters stopped by a 7-year-old's lemonade stand.

A Saanich boy is thrilled after local firefighters made a special appearance at his lemonade stand.

Seven-year-old entrepreneur Riley Furgason has started his own lemonade stand on his street in Saanich.

Jason Smith, Furgason’s grandfather who lives in Kamloops, saw his grandson’s mom post about the stand on social media.

According to Smith, his grandson lives on a street with very little foot traffic and he wanted to bring some more customers his way.

“So I was wondering how I could make his day a little more joyful,” Smith said.

Furgason has a love of fire trucks and big machinery, so Smith decided to try and have one of the trucks stop by the stand.

“I decided to give the Saanich Fire Department non-emergency line a call to see if it was possible for a local station to send over a crew to say hi,” he explained.

A fire truck and a small crew then made their way to Furgason’s lemonade stand, which was a big surprise.

“He was thrilled beyond belief,” Smith exclaimed.

The crew spent some time with Furgason showing him the truck and even got to sit in the driver’s seat before the crew left.

Smith said his heart was filled with joy after pictures of the visit were sent to him with Furgason giving the biggest smile.

“I can’t always be there, but I’m always there,” he added.

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