Victoria man loses nearly $15K to online bank theft


Franky Man was going about his day early last week when all of a sudden he received a notification from his RBC banking app that someone was trying to access his account.

“Of course I declined it because no one is assessing my account, and it popped up again and then I declined it again,” says Man.

At first glance it looked like there was nothing amiss, but when Man and his wife decided to check all of their accounts to make sure that everything was okay, they found out they were missing $14,500 in an account at BMO.

“$10,000 was transferred from savings to a credit card account, and then a balance transfer to a TD credit card and on my end they transferred savings account money of about $4,500 to my checking account,” says Man.

The thief then added themselves as a payee and e-transferred the money out of Man’s account.

Man immediately reported the incident to the bank, but says he still has not received any word on whether he will get his money back.

“We tried to call them a couple days apart and then they said that they are still doing an investigation and they said that the final result will be reported to us [on] July 11th,” says Man.

CHEK News spoke with BMO, who asked for information to look into the case but did not provide a statement.

The incident has Man warning others to beef up their password and to set notifications for even the smallest banking activity.

“We used to be anything under $200 is just don’t forget it, don’t tell us about it and now every single transaction that happens we receive a text,” says Man.

It was a tough and potentially expensive lesson he’s hoping others won’t have to learn.

Cole SorensonCole Sorenson

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