Thrill of a lifetime as Hornby Island kayaker witnesses orca attack


WATCH: Fifteen to 20 orcas were transiting through Lambert Channel when roughly 12 of them engaged in an attack on a bob of sea lions.

Louis Jobidon was heading out Sunday for a quiet paddle from Ford’s Cove on Hornby Island when he was soon in the midst of 15 to 20 killer whales in Lambert Channel between Hornby Island and Denman Island.

“I took somewhere around 800 pictures,” says Jobidob. “My camera eventually died before the end of the show.”

He also captured some pretty spectacular video of about 12 orcas hunting and killing several sea lions just metres off the pier.

Jobidon says the whales hunt mostly for seals in the area “but it’s always a good show when they decide to take on sea lions.”

Dozens of people were also on the shore watching the hunt unfold.

Jobidon says the orcas were working together in the attack, but one point, the sea lions weren’t giving up without a fight.

“It was obvious some of the sea lions ganged up together and went up towards the orcas to almost like defend their friends. But it didn’t work out for them. It looked like we had three casualties.” says Jobidon.

He says he tried to keep his distance but it was unnerving when some orcas went under his kayak. What he feared the most was a panicked sea lion using him as protection.

“They came pretty close sometimes,” he said. “They came under and that did surprise me, I had one go under my kayak at some point when I was 10 feet from shore. I’m more afraid of a panicking sea lion than a orca let’s just say.”

He says it was an experience of a lifetime and because it was so close to shore, about 50 others got to experience it as well.

Dean StoltzDean Stoltz

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