This Week in History: a sneek peek at the creation of Orcas: Our Shared Future

WatchMay 15, 2020, the Royal BC Museum will unveil its next major exhibition, Orcas: Our Shared Future. Museum staff thought CHEK viewers would enjoy a peek behind the scenes to see the creation of this magnificent exhibition.

The Exhibitions Department at the Royal BC Museum is responsible for exhibition planning, design and production, as well as maintaining all of the exhibit spaces at the Museum.

Right now, the team is hard at work creating the Museum’s next major exhibition, Orcas: Our Shared Future.

The exhibition will be visually stunning, but, as Jana Stefan from the department explains, it must be durable too.

“We’re building it to travel, hopefully between five and ten years, once it’s finished its run here next year,” says Stefan.

But while other exhibitions like Maya: the Great Jaguar Rises arrive ready to assemble, creating an original major exhibition is a significant investment.

“We fund these exhibitions through our ticket revenues, through donations, and through our sponsorships,” says Mischelle Van Thiel, Vice President of Advancement for the Museum. “The Museum has set a goal of $400,000 to help build the Orcas exhibition, so we’re inviting the public to join us in creating this exhibition by making a donation to the museum.”

“For us to be able to build this [exhibition] here,” says Stefan, “with our collection, and then potentially travel it around the world – at a time when people are very much interested in the stories of orcas, in captivity, but also as a species, with their plight right now – it’s just such a great opportunity.”

Orcas: Our Shared Future opens May 15, 2020. You can help fund the exhibition by clicking here.

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