Thieves targeting parcels at doorsteps on Vancouver Island


WATCH: It’s a problem that happens every year. Packages being stolen around the holidays and now, with online shopping increasing, thieves have another way to take what’s yours. As Kendall Hanson tells us, it’s a growing issue on Vancouver Island.

In front of her Saanich home is where it arrived.

“This close to Christmas and the fact that it was for a child. I think that’s the most disheartening thing about it,” laments Kayla Donkin, a parcel theft victim.

It was a special Christmas present Donkin had purchased for her nephew.

“I got the email on my phone saying it was delivered. even one of my neighbours saw the package get delivered and I was at work at the time. I got home maybe an hour later and it was gone.”

It was a similar situation in Nanaimo. A family at a Dufferin Street home were expecting two packages. They contained piano music books for their six-year-old daughter stolen off their doorstep.

“It’s unfortunate, especially given the time of year,” said Matthew Coady, the parcel theft victim. “I’ll just order more but the fact that people could be taking quite expensive gifts from family and loved ones is quite disheartening.”

In this case, a neighbour suspected an older model black Mustang with an Alberta license plate and snapped two pictures.

RCMP say they’d like to speak with the male driver. This was the most recent of three parcel thefts reported to the Nanaimo detachment.

A year ago a study by InsuranceQuotes found 25.9 million or 8 per cent of Americans have suffered a theft from their doorstep or front porch.

A Fresno, California man, who says he was getting sick, of having packages stolen decided to fill a parcel with his dirtied cat litter.

His cameras caught a suspect take the package. His social media post about it Friday has already picked up nearly 850,000 views.

It’s believed the problem is on the increase in Canada as well.

Nanaimo RCMP recommends people request a signature when packages are dropped off or arrange for the delivery when someone is home.

“This can happen quite easily,” said Coady. “If you’re expecting a package make sure you do your due diligence and make sure you check off sign for pickup.”

Matthew Coady plans to try and get a refund through his credit card.

Donkin says she’s called Amazon and they’re sending her a replacement though it won’t likely arrive until after Christmas.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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