Thieves target Cowichan SPCA, stealing vital donations

Thieves target Cowichan SPCA, stealing vital donations

  RCMP are investigating a heartless crime in the Cowichan Valley that’s targeted a non-profit helping unwanted and abandoned animals.
 For the first time in decades the Cowichan and District SPCA has been hit by a break and enter and it has robbed them of much needed cash that was intended for the animals.

“Sparky” the bunny is more on edge than usual his keepers say, after thieves shattered this window next to his cage and hit the Cowichan SPCA hard Wednesday night.

 “Broke the window came in, smashed and grabbed everything they wanted,” says Cowichan & District SPCA’s Colin Owen-Flood. “Then went back out and littered our cash register and our petty cash box down the trail. ”

Staff came in Thursday morning to find broken glass on the floor and donations raised to help this area’s unwanted and abandoned animals gone. With the till and cash box, found laying empty outside.

“Mostly we’re just glad that none of the animals were hurt,” says Owen-Flood. “We came in and everyone was fine just a few of the guys up here were spooked.”

So was the staff. The money taken is essential to helping these animals.
“Everything from keeping our facility running to our cruelty investigations department. That is completely donation run,” says Owen-Flood.

The crime is a shock to animal lovers here. Making the timing of a tiny trio of girls aged 6, 7 and 8, perfect. They raised over $50 by selling their toys at a garage sale. Paige Giesbricht hopes this donation will help make up what thieves have taken.

“Yeah we were doing a garage sale and then we decided that should donate some money to the SPCA and also we just really wanted to help some pets,” says the 8-year-old.

They’re not alone. As word spreads through the Cowichan Valley about the crime, it’s generating a wave of kindness. With donations now rolling in to refill that robbed donation box. So the area’s animals in need and the people that help them can rest a little easier going forward. 

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