Theodore, the 800-pound pig, adjusts to Island life

Theodore, the 800-pound pig, adjusts to Island life

WATCH: Well he’s pink, big, and oh so sweet. Theodore, an 800-pound pig is adjusting to island life just fine after being found lost in Langley half a year ago. Kori Sidaway got to meet this big pig, and see his sty-lish new digs.

After a long journey over from the mainland, Theodore, the Yorkshire pig, is understandably a little sleepy.

“We’ve got food!” said her new adoptive owner, Michelle Singleton.

And that’s all the coaxing this unusually big pig, needs.

“These guys are raised for meat,” said Singleton.

“That’s what they’ve been brought into this world for, so they never live this long typically unless they are being used for breeding.”

That was Theodore’s main job before he was found wandering Fraser Highway in Langley over half a year ago. Since then, Michelle Singleton has been trying to find a home for this gorgeous gentle giant.

“Trying to find a home for a large pig is extremely difficult,” said Singleton.

But with some crowdfunding and community help, Singleton was able to build Theo a safe place to grow old.

“It’s a forever home for him, he’ll always be safe, he’ll never leave,” said Singleton.

“He’ll be able to live out his life naturally and have quality care and quality food.”

Singleton runs Home for Hooves, which takes in abandoned pigs of all kinds. For her, it’s a labour of love.

“If you asked me two years ago I never would have guessed I would have been doing something like this,” said Singleton.

“But it just kind of happened and I love it. Basically, I’ve dedicated my life to this and it gives me my purpose for being here.”

As for Theo’s purpose? It’s gone from breeding to eating.

He eats about nine cups of grain with every meal, bread and bananas, and other produce that’s lying around. And he’s even fallen in love with the girl next door, Lillian.

“Pigs create these very strong friendships and very strong bonds, and that’s what they’re going to have together,” said Singleton.

“Yesterday he was pretty exhausted and spent a good portion of the day just sleeping, and she was standing at the fenceline just waiting for him to get up so they can have their chit chat.”

Eventually, the boyfriend and girlfriend will move in together. But until then — that’ll do, pig.

Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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