‘The Lord has sent me’: The convoy a no-show in Victoria, but still on the way

'The Lord has sent me': The convoy a no-show in Victoria, but still on the way

A so-called ‘freedom’ convoy was expected to descend on Victoria today. Parking was taped off in preparation and Victoria Police were on the ready, but, there was no convoy.

It’s not even in B.C. yet.

“We’re going to be occupying that area for two to three months. This is a very intense deeply rooted NDP/Liberal stronghold down there, and they’ve had their way for too long,” James Bauder last week, founder of Canada Unity who is leading the convoy, dubbed ‘Bear Hug B.C.’, and one of the organizers of Freedom Convoy 2022 to Ottawa.

Instead, they’re still en route.

On Saturday the convoy hit Calgary, where pandemic mandate protesters were met by counter-demonstrators and police.

And despite British Columbia already ending its mask mandate, then vaccine mandate on April 8th, this protest group says they’re not stopping.

“We have the Premier and I guess the mayor, they don’t want us down here. They figure that this movement has just run its course and move on,” said Ron Clark, who has ties to the Ottawa occupation and is a self-proclaimed ‘freedom advocate’.

“This movement is just starting and this movement is getting bigger.”

Clark lives in Alberta, is married with two kids, but right now is in Cowichan Valley trying to set up a home base for the convoy protestors.

“We have donors waiting to set up their land and stuff like that,” said Clark on a Facebook live Monday, explaining to his followers why he sent out a PayPal link asking for donations.

Clark’s biography says he worked in Alberta’s oil and gas industry for over 20 years, and that these convoy protests are his God-given mission.

“The Lord has sent me here, he’s sent me on a mission to Ottawa. And I went Ottawa, and I fought,” said Clark.

He, like many of the protestors on their way to Victoria, say the mandates ‘aren’t truly lifted’ because of the remaining federal air travel requirements, and the possibility that future COVID-19 strains may mean the mandates come back.

“We should not be forced to take anything that we don’t want to put in our body. It’s forced segregation. They’re dividing us,” said Clark in the same video.

The ‘Bear Hug B.C.’ convoy says they’re still coming, just no word yet on when they’ll actually arrive

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