Let the sunshine in: Temperatures to surge above seasonal across Vancouver Island

Let the sunshine in: Temperatures to surge above seasonal across Vancouver Island
WatchA week-long warm-up on Vancouver Island will see temperatures soar far above seasonal. As Tess van Straaten tells us, the potentially record-breaking weather couldn't have come at a better time. Tess Van Straaten reports.
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Get ready for a blast of early summer-like weather.

A warm, sunny week is in the forecast for all of Vancouver Island and in some places, temperatures will feel more like it’s May or June than April.

The seasonal temperature for Victoria at this time of year is 12 degrees C. This week on the South Island, however, temperatures are expected to hit a high of 14 degrees Monday and Tuesday before surging to 17 degrees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, meaning temperatures will be five degrees above normal.

“This is really the first time that we’re seeing a signal that’s warmer than normal rather than colder than normal,” says meteorologist Armel Castellan of Environment & Climate Change Canada.

The big warm-up comes on the heels of snow and hail on parts of the Island Saturday, frost well into April, and a cooler-than-normal February and March.

“Physiology speaking, it’s a bit of a shock to the system so this might feel as warm as what we’ll see in the middle of summer but by then we’re accustomed to it,” Castellan explains.

Friday and Saturday are forecast to get even hotter at 20 degrees — which would set a new weather record for Saturday.

Greater Victoria Forecast (Environment Canada)

The hot spot on the Island is expected to be Port Alberni, where temperatures are forecast to push 22 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

Port Alberni Forecast (Environment Canada)

Experts say the run of sun couldn’t have come at a better time for our mental health.

After the winter that not just Vancouver Island, but everywhere has had with COVID-19, a UVic psychologist says the warm weather should lighten everyone’s mood.

“Of course we all feel better when it’s sunny, especially after a long winter, and especially after the winter that we’ve had — the winter of all winters with COVID,” said Bonnie Leadbeater, UVic Psychology Professor Emeritus.

“I think it really does light our spirits to get outside and to get the outside inside, so opening windows and doors, and really going for it while we can this week.”

Leadbeater said with the pandemic in its second year, people need the sunny reprieve more than ever.

“People are struggling and I think it’s gotten more difficult in some ways, particularly for people who aren’t vaccinated because there’s such community spread now,” said Leadbeater.

If you’re making the most of the great weather, don’t forget the sunblock. The UV rating is now five or moderate.

For the latest weather forecast, visit CHEK News’ weather page.

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