TC10K race draws nearly 10,000 participants to downtown Victoria


WATCH: Thousands of people pounded the pavement today for the 30th annual TC 10K. It’s one of the biggest races on Vancouver Island. This year, lots of people were also running and walking for the first time. Aaron Guillen has the story.

Almost 10,000 runners and walkers took to the streets of downtown Victoria for the 30th annual TC10K.

Not only did the perfect weather make for a smooth run, but a much-needed morale boost was in high-gear at the six kilometre mark.

Along Clover Point, a cheer team rings their bells and yell out words of encouragement.

“I’m injured, but I’m out there in spirit,” says Judi Sigurdson, in between high-fiving passerby’s.

“This would’ve been my eleventh [race], but that’s okay. I’m happy to be here.”

“I didn’t expect so many smiling faces,” says Joe Potworka, another sideliner.

“I figured at this point the runners would be tired and down, but they’re all super happy to be here so it’s awesome.”

The comradery from the community is one of the reasons runners keep coming back year after year.

“I’ve been doing it ten times, since I was little,” says Ashlee Noyes, a runner wearing a colourful short dress.

“It’s easy to run in and my kids can see me in the crowd.”

“The waking up to be here on time is the hardest part!” says Carlos Rendon, a second-time runner.

“It feels amazing cause I feel so much lighter,” says Shara Orr, a runner who lost 90 pounds since she ran the 2018 TC10K.

“I just wanna run!”

There were also lots of people taking part for the first time this year and organizers hope they’ll be hooked.

“What we want to happen is have those first timers out to experience running, the atmosphere, and how exciting it is,” says Ulla Hansen, one of the TC10K Directors.

“The idea is encouraging sport for life.”

At the finish line, another batch of first-timers now become part of the annual tradition, with tips and tricks for the next round of newbies.

“With all the energy, I did better than all the practices I was doing,” says Nainesh Agarwal.

“My stomach started cramping, so I had to use the washroom twice,” says teen Raj Jathan.

“Before I saw the 6K I was like, where is it, I’m gonna die,” says Ino Stavropoulou, a young woman.

“The adrenaline, it was amazing! I’m gonna do it again for sure.”

Organizers hope this year’s boost in turnout will continue to grow, with current runners inspiring new ones.

Aaron GuillenAaron Guillen

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