Tahsis residents urged to keep pets inside as wolf attacks continue

Tahsis residents urged to keep pets inside as wolf attacks continue

Tahsis, a small community on Vancouver Island, is dealing with an influx in wolf activity that’s leaving pets missing, injured or killed and making residents feel unsafe.

The wolves began to show up two to three months ago, according to residents, with many reporting daytime sightings in the village on most days.

According to the BC Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS), there appear to be three wolves. They originally came to the area because of deer living near the town, BCCOS noted, but now the wolves are sticking around because they’ve discovered new options for food.

Four cats have been killed, two dogs were mauled, including a including a bull-mastiff last month, and several pets have been reported missing. The community is on edge and people are only leaving their homes with some sort of protection.

Residents are being told to keep their pets indoors and reduce the number of attractants around their homes, such as bird feeders that attract small rodents.

“As in all cases with children, keep them close and under your supervision at all times especially in early morning or just at dark, and of course, keep your pets on a leash at all times,” said Conservation Officer Gord Gudbranson who was in Tahsis Thursday.

The wolves won’t be candidates for relocation due to their activity in the village.

“When wildlife starts to injure pets and stuff they’re a category one animal and unfortunately they won’t be relocated,” Gudbranson said.

While conservation has been to Tahsis on multiple occasions, they haven’t been able to track the wolves. BCCOS said they are not as easy to track as bears or cougars, which usually return to a kill site or can be tracked with hounds.

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