Superhero surprise: A Colwood boy’s tribute to Deadpool a big hit thanks to Ryan Reynolds

Superhero surprise: A Colwood boy's tribute to Deadpool a big hit thanks to Ryan Reynolds

Photo/Instagram Vancityreynolds

Ethan Hagel has only seen short clips of the actual movie, but the 5-year old Colwood boy is a big Deadpool fan.

When he was given a Deadpool costume by his aunt for his birthday last month, Ethan knew exactly where he needed to go to pay true tribute to his favorite superhero.

Photo/Cheryl Hagel

The Vancouver-born actor who plays Deadpool on the big screen was in Victoria last month filming the sequel and took a photo of himself lying out front of Hatley Castle.

Ryan Reynolds then posted it to social media for his millions of followers.

Photo/Twitter @vancityreynolds

So Ethan decided to follow in his footsteps and even recreate that now famous photo.

“He thought he’d come see where he’d been and if he was still here,” said his mom Cheryl Hagel. 

“When he was here he wanted to take the picture and he asked me to send it to Deadpool.”

Photo/Cheryl Hagel

Hegel’s boyfriend then sent it to his sister who lives in New York and she sent it to Reynolds’ publicist.

Lo and behold, the actor then posted the two photos side-by-side to his Instagram page on Saturday where it has already racked up nearly one million likes.

“I’ve just never been famous, and I haven’t done this in my whole entire life,” said Ethan donning his costume outside Hatley Castle again on Monday. 

“and I just like Deadpool because he’s awesome.”

“Its neat for him that he got his dream fulfilled and he can look back on that and be excited,” said his mom.

Photo/Cheryl Hagel

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