Strong winds strand sailboat on Cadboro Bay beach

Strong winds strand sailboat on Cadboro Bay beach

WATCH: C-Tow tried to take a stranded sailboat back to sea on Tuesday, but the weather isn’t helping. Calvin To has more.

The 53-foot motor sailboat Norsulyn blew ashore Monday afternoon during a fall storm.

It had been anchored about 150 metres offshore, but strong winds caused an anchor chain to snap.

On Tuesday, its owner, Ross Griffin, along with his friend Doug Gawdry and a worker from C-Tow tried to take the vessel back to deep water.

But after about an hour, the three discovered that there was already knee-high water inside the boat, meaning they would have to wait for better weather to pump out the water.

“I’m a bit disappointed. I’ve been out here in the pouring rain and a little bit of wind for a while, but hey, we’ll get done what we can,” Griffin said. “We were going to go down to Mexico [in the Norsulyn]. But right at the moment, we’re not. Not today.”

Eric Dahli, co-chair of the Dead Boat Society, was also on scene, concerned that the boat could pose a hazard.

“If it doesn’t leave the beach, there could be a diesel spill, there could be any kinds of pollution,” Dahli said. “It’s also dangerous if kids want to climb on board and play on it.”

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