Stowaway cat makes it from Edmonton to Duncan in neighbour’s moving van

Stowaway cat makes it from Edmonton to Duncan in neighbour's moving van

Diva finds herself a long way from home, but an army of volunteers is trying to get the stowaway cat back to her owners in Edmonton.

Two weeks ago, the family pet somehow wound up in the nieghbour’s moving van.

They spent roughly 48-hours on the road and were starting to move their furniture into their new home when suddenly the cat appeared.

” She came out to get more furniture and the cat was sitting there,” said Jill Oakley, a volunteer with FLEC (Finding Lost and Escaped Cats).

“It was like “Holy Hannah” there’s Diva, she should be in Edmonton.”

Diva appeared a little hungry and thirsty but otherwise fine.

Oakley says the woman immediately recognized that cat and let her neighbour back in Alberta know what had happened

“She was really upset but glad that she was safe,” said Oakley.

The challenge for the past ten days has been trying to find a way to get the grey cat back home.

FLEC is hoping Diva can be flown to Edmonton so are looking for airline staff or a passenger who will volunteer to take the cat with them

“Its a long drive, so we prefer her to be flown back with an escort,” said Oakley.

“An escort can put her under the seat, and she can fly in the passenger section instead of flying cargo.”

For now, she’s been brought to a home in Saanich with the help of volunteers from Broken Promises Rescue so she can be ready to go on short notice.

“This is a first for me,” said Oakley.

“We’re happy to help.”

If you can help get Diva home, you can find contact information for FLEC here 

Diva the stowaway cat made it from Edmonton to Duncan in a neighbour?s moving van

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