Store owner tries to detain thief following armed robbery in Oak Bay on Halloween

Store owner tries to detain thief following armed robbery in Oak Bay on Halloween
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The Oak Bay Police have arrested a man after an attempted armed robbery that took place along Foul Bay Rd. on Halloween night.

The Oak Bay Police have arrested a man after he brandished a knife and demanded money from a store owner on Halloween night.

The incident took place on Oct. 31 at around 7:45 p.m. when Oak Bay Police said they received a call about an armed robbery in progress at a business along Foul Bay Rd.

According to a police report, after the store owner fled the store, the robber went behind the counter and grabbed cash.

Police said that when the robber went to exit, the store owner held the door closed from the outside.

“The robber kicked the door, causing it to smash and, as he exited, pointed the knife again at the store owner causing a laceration on the store owner’s finger. He also punched the store owner,” reads a statement from Oak Bay PD.

Even after the door was broken, police say the store owner continued to try and physically detain the robber, who continued to struggle until OBPD arrived on scene.

The 43-year-old robber had ridden his bike to the store and had been attempting to flee on it, against the efforts of the store owner.

A knife was found on the robber and all the money was returned, according to Oak Bay PD.

Police add that the accused has a history of violence, robbery, and being armed.

“His face was covered while in the store which is not unusual during this pandemic so he was able to walk around the store for a moment before the robbery without causing concern,” a statement in the police report reads.

According to OBPD, the robber was brought before a Justice of the Peace and has since been released on conditions. He will face several charges including armed robbery.

“We strongly discourage people from fighting with armed individuals over money as this could’ve had a much worse outcome. However, there is no doubt that the actions of this store owner were critical to ensuring the suspect’s immediate arrest and return of the property. I’m pleased he is doing well and I’m sure his customers will also be relieved as he is a highly respected member of our community.” said Chief Ray Bernoties.


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