Small business owners hit hard as gas prices jump in Victoria


WATCH:Gas prices jumped in the capital region, with increases of 7-cents a litre at many stations. It’s a pain for motorists, but small business owners say it’s a hard hit on their bottom line. Isabelle Raghem reports.

After a long winter, spring means lawn care workers of Green Image are back on the road, but the spike in gas prices is hitting them hard.

“We have five trucks that go from Langford to Sidney,” explains Green Image Landscaping Owner Devon Vivian, “we’re driving all of the time.”

The company says they already spend $500 a month, per truck to fill up.
They also rely on fuel for their heavy duty equipment.

“It does affect us, it affects our bottom line for sure,” says Vivian.

Earlier this month, prices jumped from 116.9 to 126.9.

Prices had been holding steady around 124.9 since then.

But gas prices took another jump Wednesday night, to an average of 131.9 in the capital region. 

BJ Roberts, who leases his cab with Victoria Taxi, says it’s hard pill to swallow.

“The price of fuel going up, it costs us a lot.”

Since his rates are regulated by the province, he says he’ll have to absorb the additional cost of fuel himself.

“With this increase here, I would say probably in the neighbourhood of $30- $50 extra per week. And that’s a lot for cab drivers.”

Gas experts say refineries going through maintenance in the U.S. are causing a shortage in supply.

And relief isn’t on the horizon.

” On April 15th, Canada switches from winter blends to summer blends,” explains Dan McTeague of, “it also means refineries and producers have to spend another 3-cents a litre to create that higher spec of fuel, so prices we’re seeing now are not going anywhere anytime soon”


Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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