Small but suspicious fires in Oak Bay spark investigation

Small but suspicious fires in Oak Bay spark investigation

A series of small but suspicious fires on Frederick Norris Road in Oak Bay over a three day period has sparked an investigation by both the police and fire departments.

On Tuesday around 10:30 p.m., a car was found on fire in a carport, Oak Bay Fire crews were called in and extinguished the flames.

On Thursday just after noon, a small wood pile was found to be on fire in the carport at another residence on the same street. It was put out by residents with a garden hose.

Later on Thursday, around 6:30 p.m., a neighbour noticed a wooden compost box in the backyard of that same residence was on fire. Again, a resident was able to douse the flames using a garden hose.

In each case, Oak Bay Fire Department attended to make sure the fire was out and to determine the cause.

Investigators are confident at least two of the three fires were deliberately set.

The Oak Bay Fire and Police Departments have spoken to number of residents on Frederick Norris Road to ensure they are aware of the situation and that general fire safety practices are in place.

Police also say that information they’ve received is providing a solid avenue of investigation.

They ask the the public to continue to keep an eye on each other’s properties, and continue to report any suspicious activity.

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