Skaters in Saanich make best of frozen flooded field

Skaters in Saanich make best of frozen flooded field

Dozens were out on the ice in Panama Flats in Saanich

Dozens were out on the ice at Panama Flats in Saanich Sunday

A very Canadian sight could be seen at the Panama Flats in Saanich Sunday, as skaters took to the ice.

The property off Carey Road is now owned by Saanich but used to be for agricultural purposes. Following the cold weather, some water on the property froze over and provided a great rink.

Dozens skated around and played hockey — making the most of the cold-snap hitting the south-coast.

“It freezes every couple of years and people come down and mess around,” said visitor Harold King.

“I think it freezes once a year… kids are having fun, people are having fun, people [even] have barbeques.”

Derren Martiniuk was excited to get to play one of Canada’s national sports in what is usually Canada’s warm spot.

“Victoria isn’t really known for the opportunity to skate outside so when this area freezes over it’s a calling for those who are like-minded,” said Martiniuk.

The public is advised to exercise caution on the frozen body of water, as some spots are thin and no official supervision is on site.


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