Single mom gives back to charity after pet grooming business takes off

Single mom gives back to charity after pet grooming business takes off
Rebecca Lawrence/CHEK News
WatchNow that Corrine Bowcott's pet grooming business is booming, she wants to help those who once helped her.

Pets and pups alike can get groomed on the go in the D-Shaggin Waggin, a vehicle reminiscent of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine.

The owner, Corrine Bowcott, started the business four years ago, transforming a work van into the perfect place to get the whole kit and ka-“poodle”: washing, haircuts, nail trims and accessorizing.

“It’s really personal. It really connects me with the people and I’ve been able to go through the whole pandemic without any loss of income,” said the small business owner.

While it’s smooth and profitable sailing now, times weren’t always so easy for the single mom of three.

“When I was starting my business, I didn’t have much money,” said Bowcott, tearing up.

“I started as a basement grooming. Then I’ve moved myself to here, and I’ve worked really hard,” said the groomer, looking back at her van that is nearly paid for.

Ten years ago, Bowcott and her family depended on food banks and hampers to get by.

“I had to walk in humbly, and had to get food just to feed my kids, a few years they helped me at Christmas, and helped me put on Christmas for my kids,” said the mom.

But now that business is booming, she wants to help those who once helped her.

“I always said I’m going to help. I’m going to help. I’m going to come back one day and I’m going to help. So, it just felt right to do it this year,” said Bowcott.

Her longtime friend Angella Thompson has seen Bowcott build her own successful business from the ground up, and says she couldn’t be more proud.

“She hasn’t always been able to help other people because of her own situation raising of raising three kids on her own, but she’s always wanted to give back and I think this is the perfect way for her to do that,” said Thompson.

And now, Bowcott is starting a new project this holiday season with the help of her friend.

From now until Christmas, every Sunday, the duo is turning the D-Shaggin’ Waggin’ into a pickup and delivery van.

They’ll be scooping up non-perishable food items and gifts curbside from people’s homes, and giving them to the Mustard Seed.

“A lot of anonymous food hampers would be delivered to us as well and I remember that feeling when I got that, so I just want to do this,” said Bowcott.

A feeling she’ll hope to give to others now.

The curbside pickup allows anyone in Greater Victoria the ability to donate food without having to go into a public space, a “purrfect” COVID solution.

If you’d like to donate non-perishables or gifts, but don’t want to leave your house, email Bowcott at [email protected], and she’ll schedule a pick up for you.

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