Significant ‘Otter’: courtship video goes viral online


WATCH: River otters are common across Vancouver Island, but the animals have some unpredictable and unfamiliar behaviours. A video of courting river otters near Laurel Point has attracted a lot of attention online. Ceilidh Millar reports. 

Sea life is a major attraction at Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria. 

Sneaking in to snatch the catch of the day is a river otter, a delight for visiting tourists. 

“I thought they were pretty cute,” said a couple from Seattle. “I think an otter is her spirit animal!”

A video posted on Vibrant Victoria shows a river otter looking from some afternoon delight at Laurel Point this week. 

It’s a ferocious first date that’s attracting a lot of attention online.

“It’s very aggressive mating that they go through,” said marine biologist Gordon Green of SpringTide Whale Watching and Eco Tours. 

Green said it’s a common mating ritual among the species. 

“They usually grab the female by the back of the neck with their mouth and teeth and hold them down” explained Green. 

Brad Armstrong from Kelp Reef Adventures says courting otters are a sign of spring.

“We have an otter den across from us and we watch them grow up,” said Armstrong. “We watch them mating and having kits. Eventually they leave their parents and we get to watch them leave as summer goes.” 

While spring may seem behind this year, it’s clear the mating season is not. 


Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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