Sidney woman reacts to father accused of murder in Mexico being called scapegoat

Sidney woman reacts to father accused of murder in Mexico being called scapegoat
WatchIt's a major development in the story of a Vancouver Island daughter from Sidney who says her father is innocent in a murder case in Mexico. The victim's brother says he feels her father is being used as a scapegoat. Julian Kolsut reports.

Isabella Gonzales Kaminsky of Sidney is reacting to news that her father is being seen as a scapegoat in a Mexican murder case.

Kaminsky has been trying to get her father Roberto Gonzales home for months from Cabo San Lucas, after she says he was kidnapped by local police. He was then connected by local authorities to the killing of his close friend Jose Arredondo.

But in an interview with an NBC affiliate KGET, the victim’s brother, Sergio Arredondo, said during the investigation he was told something disturbing.

“The comment to me was no, they are waiting for him down the street, they are going to pick him up and as a matter of fact he is not going to get arrested, ” said Arredondo.

“We are going to pretty much kidnap and take him and we are going to take him to the dessert and he is going to tell us what happened.”

That’s when Sergio became concerned.

“It created confusion my mind started digging into the possibility he was being framed.”

For Kamisnkie, it’s welcome but terrifying news. Since the very beginning of the ordeal, Kamisnkie and her family stood firm that he is innocent.

“Obviously shocking,” said Kamisnkie.

“But hearing that his brother was so able to say [with confidence], land he was like ‘I can’t keep this inside anymore I need to tell people what I was told’ gave so much power to us and it really made us feel so hopeful we’ll come out of this and my dad will be free. ”

Gonzales first went missing back in July.

A friend had been on a call with him, when police pulled him over. Later the friend says he was able to get word out that his captures were demanding $55,000.

He was then charged in the murder of Arredondo, a close friend.

Originally authorities had no record of Gonzales’ arrest. KGET also says the other witnesses have also been kidnapped and tortured.

Kamisnkie is a Canadian citizen, but her father is not. She turned to her local MP Elizabeth May for help.

“I’ve attempted through my letters to ask the senior officials who I hope are beyond the reach of the localized corruption of the state police to use their offices to ensure a fair trial, to avoid any further violence towards Mr. Gonzales or any other of the witnesses who wish to testify,” said May.

Kamisnkie, who lived in Mexico for three years, says the problem is nothing new.

“He is a victim to the Mexican corruption that dictates all Mexican law,” she said.

“It’s so common there it runs rampant.”

Global Affairs Canada has previously said they cannot intervene in the case, as Gonzales is not a Canadian citizen.

The victim’s family has turned for the FBI to intervene in the case.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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