Facebook/Blow Spokane’s Smoke Away to Canada


Some who live in Spokane, Washington are so fed up with the smoke from B.C.’s wildfires impacting the air quality in the city, it has inspired some creative and satirical solutions.

Spokane registered the worst air quality in the U.S. on  Monday,  so a group  from the city have set up a Facebook page called “Blow Spokane’s Smoke Away to Canada.”

How you ask? with standard table fans of course.

“There are roughly 550,000 residents of the Spokane, Washington metropolitan area .To get rid of this smoke, we have to work together as a community. After much deliberation and mathematical calculation, we have figured that it is absolutely possible for us to blow this smoke away with high powered fans,” the Facebook post reads.

So the page encourages every resident to place at least five box fans on their roof as of Friday at noon, turn them to the highest setting, aim northeast towards Canada, and let the wind work its magic.

“Team work makes the dream work. Let’s do this, Spokanites. Let’s send this smoke right back to those Canucks!”

So far nearly four-thousand people have either signed on or say they’re interested in taking part.

Its all in the spirit of fun of course, but the Facebook page also offers links so people can donate to either Canadian Shelter Animals or BC Food Banks.

You can find the Facebook page here




Ben O'Hara