Safety is a priority for traffic flaggers who face potentially dangerous situations on the job

Safety is a priority for traffic flaggers who face potentially dangerous situations on the job

Most drivers take them for granted, but being a traffic flagger can be a dangerous job. A female flagger was struck by a vehicle Thursday in Langford. Fortunately, she wasn’t seriously hurt. But as Mary Griffin tells us, flaggers put themselves in the middle of traffic for a reason.

Traffic flagger Melody Sylvester says it’s just another day on the job after a close encounter with a vehicle Friday.

“It’s incident, after incident, after incident,” Sylvester said.

“And being alert all the time. Because people won’t stop for us.”

On Thursday, a traffic flagger was struck by a vehicle in Langford. Both the car and the female flagger ended up in the ditch.

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The flagger only had minor injuries but Sylvester says the incident highlights the potential dangers of her job.

“That’s what we are paid to do,” Sylvester said.

“Be out here. But after that incident, it was like, OK. Why am I doing this again? Because it brings it back to reality. You’ve got to be careful on your job.”

According to WorkSafe B.C., from 2007 to 2016, 244 workers were hit by a motor vehicle while working on or beside the road.

Of that figure, 124 were traffic flaggers.

Jacob Giles is one of the construction crew working alongside the traffic flaggers.

“Everyone seems to be in such a rush all the time. They think they are more important than the person ahead of them. They are not really thinking of the flagger that’s just trying to protect us. So, it’s tough.”

Just one hour on scene at Mt. Tolmie and Cedar Hill Cross Road, CHEK News witnessed multiple incidents involving the flaggers.

Sylvester says she would like drivers to remember the rules that keep everyone safe.

“When you see the signs up for a construction zone, obey the zones. And please, watch out for the flaggers. We are people, too.”

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