Saanich Peninsula singer/pianist succeeds by making what’s old, new again

Saanich Peninsula singer/pianist succeeds by making what's old, new again

Twenty-two-year-old Stelly’s grad Craig Henderson turns the American songbook into a Canadian favourite.

Henderson performs music way outside of his demographic: Gershwin, Porter, even Charlie Chaplin’s Smile.

The Craig Henderson Trio is an unlikely combo itself with his dad on guitar and his longtime music teacher, Bill Kent on bass.

They gig around at various events and venues in the city, even one you might not suspect: the Nursing Home Circuit.

“Yeah, we do. The older people around Sidney really appreciate the music,” Henderson said.

Moving to a slightly bigger audience, Henderson has just released a new video on YouTube called There’s Never Been A Day Like This.

It’s a very slick production.

“Definitely a different experience being in a music video, being in front of the camera,” Henderson said.

He’s obviously inspired by the likes of Sinatra and Mathis and Bennett but also the young crooner that David Foster discovered and made a star, Michael Buble.

It did not escape my notice that the piano we used in this story is, in fact, Foster’s baby grand at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

And as if touched by David’s star power, when we concluded our interview, the hotel management asked if he was available to perform there. He was a hit.

He’s extremely talented, has a great sound and the desire to see just how far this music thing will all go.

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