Saanich driver’s vehicle damaged by rock on Malahat


WATCH: A Saanich driver is looking for answers after a rock smashed his headlight on the Malahat. 

Brian Preston is looking for answers after a rock smashed into his headlight on the Malahat.

It happened around 9 a.m. on February 8, on a trip he has made many times before.

He was travelling north to Mount Washington with his wife and kids for some skiing when a rock hit his car.

“It came flying in at kind of a 45-degree angle from the left, bounced once, then kind of flew up,” Preston said. “If it had been three feet higher, we could’ve all been killed, really.”

The rock broke his turn signal and daytime running light.

Preston said he thought it looked like concrete, but when he called the construction company, Emil Anderson Construction, he says he was told they didn’t have any concrete on site.

He was also concerned it might have come loose from blasting, but, in an email, the Ministry of Transportation told CHEK News, “On the Malahat safety improvement project, blasting generally occurs daily between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  However, the highway is fully closed during the blasts to ensure safety, so a passing vehicle could not be hit by flying rock related to blasting activity.”

Preston reported the incident to police but says he hasn’t heard back.

Meanwhile, he’s stuck with a $300 deductible and would like to know where the rock came from.

“Somebody could be killed, right?” he said.

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