Saanich councillor wins NDP nomination, retracts comments about Elizabeth May

Saanich councillor wins NDP nomination, retracts comments about Elizabeth May
Saanich Coun. Colin Plant is pictured in this file photo.

Saanich Coun. Colin Plant has secured the NDP nomination for the next federal election in the Saanich–Gulf Islands riding, but his victory was marred by comments made in a recalled press release.

Plant won the nomination on Sunday, winning out against the other candidate, Devon Black.

After the win, a media release was sent out by Plant’s team, which suggested that May was challenged to keep up with her duties as an Member of Parliament (MP) because of health concerns, and implied that she could resign before the next election, as per the Times Colonist.

The release was recalled just an hour later, and Plant has since called the release “a mistake.”

He says he didn’t get a chance to review the release before it was sent out, saying the comments were “inappropriate” and that he has great respect for May.

The Green Party leader and current MP for Saanich–Gulf Islands says she was surprised by the release, and wants not only a retraction, but a correction.

“I’ve had nasty things said about me in press releases by other candidates in other elections, I just think it’s really important that they be accurate, and if there’s a criticism about my record or my conduct, that’s politics – you can put things forward,” she told CHEK News from Ottawa.

“I definitely want it corrected, if they actually put out a press release that said I’ve had multiple strokes and wasn’t well enough to do my work,” she said. “That’s clearly not true, and I appreciate Colin has retracted the press release but in case anyone thinks there’s any truth in it, I think it also needs to be corrected.”

May says Plant has reached out and wants to apologize in person. The two plan to have a meeting by phone on Thursday.

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