Renewed calls for Malahat safety improvements after 2 major crashes in 2 weeks


WATCH: There are renewed calls for improved safety measures on the Malahat, a day after a fatal head-on crash. The capital region’s traffic safety commission says the tragedy is another example of how dangerous this notorious stretch of highway is for drivers. Isabelle Raghem reports.

“I started CPR but the vehicle was so damaged that as I’m trying to do CPR it’s cutting into my arm,” says Saanich resident Lizy Gipson.

The wounds on Gipson’s arm are reminding her of Saturday’s horrific crash: “For the entire time, the only thing that existed was just the four of us and this man you know trying to keep him alive.”

Gipson, who was on the Malahat during a serious accident on Saturday, was among a group of strangers who rushed to help after seeing the crash.

RCMP now say a woman was driving northbound near Aspen Road when she collided with a car going southbound. A male driver and his female passenger were inside. The two women were rushed to hospital with serious injuries. The male driver died at the scene.

Police say alcohol is believed to be a factor in the crash.

“The carnage is going to continue until we take the long term view on this seriously,” says CRD Traffic Safety Commission Vice-Chair, Chris Foord.

He adds more nee bds toe done to protect drivers who travel on the windy highway.

“If we can build a billion dollar bridge to Prince Edward Island for 100,000 people on PEI, we can sure as heck do better than a single lane 60 km/h hour section into a community of 400,000.”

This weekend’s crash comes just two weeks after a rollover collision a few kilometres away, which is why the commission is urging the province to act on its point-to-point speed camera proposal.

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“I would hope that the events of the last two weeks would give Minister Farnworth and his colleagues every opportunity to speed up their review process,” says Foord.

He adds that until drastic safety measures are taken, crashes and shut downs will continue.

Meanwhile, Gipson says it’s an incident she’ll never forget.

“It’s changed me as a person and I’d really like other people to get trained in first aid and when you see someone needs help run to them.”

She is looking to reconnect with the people who worked with her to aid the victim.

Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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