Remaining Danbrook One residents in Langford told to leave

Remaining Danbrook One residents in Langford told to leave
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Tenants from Danbrook One move out on Jan. 2, 2020.

The people who are still living in the Langford residential tower that has been deemed unsafe for residents have been told to leave as soon as possible.

Centurion Property Associates says as of Jan. 16, the City of Langford has not reinstated the occupancy permit for Danbrook One. The building is still classified by the city as unsafe and that it may pose a threat to the safety of occupants and the public at large.

Danbrook One apartment building on Claude Road in Langford.

Danbrook One apartment building on Claude Road in Langford.

“Since we do not, at this time, even have a scope of work that may be required to restore the occupancy permit or a timeline for the completion of repairs, and some residents have not as yet relocated, we have to take the unfortunate step of requiring all remaining residents to vacate their units for their own safety and to remove their belongings from the building as soon as
possible,” Centurion said in a statement.

Centurion Property Associates said it will be providing each unit with $1,000 to help people with relocation, in addition to any assistance received from the city. The assistance will be available to all of the affected residents, including those that have already moved out. Cheques will be made payable to the leaseholder and will be available starting the week of Jan. 20, 2020.

Residents are also being reimbursed for the portion of December rent, along with any deposits, from Dec. 20, 2019, when the occupancy permit was revoked. Centurion did not charge any rent for January.

Centurion said it recognizes it is a difficult situation but the building needs to be vacated for the safety of the residents.

“All residents will be welcome to return to their original unit at their original rent once the work is complete and the occupancy permit has been re-instated for the property. This is not mandatory for the Residents, simply an option,” Centurion said.

Danbrook One residents were first advised to leave on Dec. 18, 2019, and seek alternative accommodations.

The city then received a letter on Dec. 20, 2019, from engineering firm WSP that had performed an independent investigation into the structural integrity and safety performance of Danbrook One at 2766 Claude Road.

Langford hired WSP after it received a letter from Engineers and Geoscientists B.C. (EGBC) raising concerns about whether the structural design and its as-built structure meet engineering requirements and whether it sufficiently mitigates risks to health and safety.The independent report identified safety concerns with the gravity system and the lateral system, with the latter affecting how the building performs in a seismic event. The city says there were also a number of “non-complaint code issues.”

Centurion has installed temporary supports on levels one and two of the 11-floor structure, which is Langford’s tallest residential rental building.

According to Centurion, approximately 60 per cent residents have either provided a move-out notice or have already relocated to other properties.

Any affected residents are asked to call Centurion’s Customer Care Center, available 7 days a week at 1-888-236-7767 for assistance for questions or help searching other availabilities in Langford.



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