Public property exempt from watering restrictions in Parksville

Public property exempt from watering restrictions in Parksville

The City of Parksville has implemented watering restrictions for residents, calling on them to reduce their water use amidst the Stage 5 drought, but city property is exempt from the restrictions.

When Parksville resident Mathew Curry was out on an early morning run near Ballenas Secondary, he was surprised to see the sprinklers on.

“When I was taking a spin down here, ran by just down here, noticed the sprinklers were running, so about five o’clock in the morning. Had to dodge around them. Kind of wet concrete, wet benches, everything,” Curry said.

Curry says city sprinklers are operating at full throttle, dousing sports fields, and boulevards, despite everyone who lives here being told to conserve.

“I think we should all be facing the same kind of watering restrictions. Especially when there are those exceptions, but I believe we should all kind of be pulling together to limit our water use,” Curry said.

While water restrictions vary throughout the Nanaimo Regional District, the City of Parksville is among the most extreme.

Meaning no sprinklers on your lawn, or even washing your car.

But it turns out the rules for the city are different.

The City of Parksville says in a statement that its bylaws allow for watering of public parks, open spaces and sports fields, even under the most severe water restrictions, as it’s necessary for proper upkeep of public spaces.

Curry says he thinks the city should be showing leadership, turning off the taps, and letting nature take its course.

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